Global Inspiration Conference

15-22 August 2021

Rättvik, Sweden

Constantly working for GIC 2021


GIC or no GIC, that's the question!


During the month of May, GIC 2021 Team together with the venue Stiftsgården Rättvik, have to make a final decision if we will be able to conduct a physical GIC. 31st of May is the last day to cancel our booking of the venue.

The decision will be based on two conditions 

  • The first one is the Swedish government regulations about organizing an event in August 2021 due to the pandemic.

  • The second one is how many people have registered for the GIC – we need a certain number of participants to be able to implement the event financially.

How to make GIC 2021 as safe as possible

Many people are again longing for a physical GIC. We will perform a physical GIC without social distancing and face masks. Meaning that no one can count on physical distancing. Wearing a facemask is of course optional but it cannot be demanded from anybody else.

To make the GIC 2021 as safe as possible we need to create a “GIC Bubble” and therefore must take the following actions:

  • At the time of registration, everyone will have to present a negative PCR-test, not older than 48 hours. This will also be required from Swedish citizens. 


At the moment a negative PCR test are required for everybody when entering Sweden. However, when an internationally accepted Vaccination Certificate comes in place this might lead to a change in policy so being vaccinated will be enough for entry. If so GIC 2021 will also deem vaccination as safe as a negative PCR test and will accept a certificate at the time of registration. 


At the venue

  • Creating a “bubble” will mean that we cannot allow day passes or any temporary participants entering in and out of the GIC venue. Those registered will be asked to remain within these beautiful premises. 

  • The staff at the venue are committed to keep distanced from the group and to wear face masks as a precaution. Most of them will likely be vaccinated at that time.

  • Provide hand disinfection all over the venue.

  • Provide extra cleaning of the common toilets during the day.

  • Open windows at every break in group rooms when possible. 

  • Offer outdoor as well as indoor eating areas during meal breaks, enable people to spread out and avoid crowd.

  • Provide each participant with their personal blanket to be kept during the entire GIC.

  • Encourage people to wash hands before and after every group activity at the GIC.

  • In case of suspected Covid-19 the person/persons in question will be isolated in separated room/s while waiting for further testing locally. The GIC team will follow the local authority’s procedure.

  • We are already working to create a team of participating physicians and /or nurses at the site.


If you feel safe with how we plan to arrange the event, please feel warmly welcome and join us at Global Inspiration Conference, 15-22 August 2021 in Rättvik, Sweden. 


Kind regards, 

Team GIC 2021 Sweden

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