Global Inspiration Conference

15-22 August 2021

Rättvik, Sweden

Keeping up faith


The Swedish GIC team together with the IBF Executive team are keeping up faith and trust regarding the GIC 2021 next summer.  

We are closely following the recommendations from the Swedish government and WHO regarding Covid-19. We will however point out that we will have a GIC as normal as possible. It will be business as usual with all considerations regarding the situation at the time of GIC2021. We will adjust our course of action depending on the development until the GIC2021 take place.

-    We are keeping up to date with the scientific research.

-    We are working hard to understand international guidance about making large group meetings and events like the GIC              safe for everyone who attends.

-    We will agree on the minimum requirements for the GIC to go ahead safely.

-    We will once more look into our booking information including our cancellation policy to ensure that our visitors can book          their place for the GIC with confidence.

-    We will also look at the possibilities to provide at least AGM and parts for the GIC covered online, to reasonably priced              levels.

-   We are in the process to create an international COVID-19 work group. The aim is to understand the situation, concerns          and guidance in all the different regions and to create an open forum for anyone who is willing to support us as we make            the GIC2021 COVID-SAFE.

-   GIC 2021 organizers have ongoing communication with the IBF Science and Research Advisory Group and with their                support create a safe GIC 2021

   We are looking into the possibilities to make an online GIC and provide AGM and parts of the GIC online.  It is planned to       be broadcasted from the actual GIC in Rättvik. Everything will be sent in real time.


With this in mind and in spite of the challenge in front of us, please feel warm heartedly welcome to Global Inspiration Conference, 15-22 August 2021 in Rättvik, Sweden.


Kind regards, 

Team GIC 2021 Sweden

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GIC 2021
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Bo Wahlström, GIC 2021 Organizer

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