Bo Wahlström

Bo Wahlström began his longstanding career as a Breathworker with a training program at Inspiration University in California in 1979. Bo has since co-founded two successful breathwork training programs in Sweden, where he was instrumental in training more than a thousand Breathworkers. For the last 30 years, he has also been a guest teacher at many Breathwork trainings in Europe and world-wide. In addition, Bo co-organized the first Global Inspiration Conference (GIC) in 1994 and was one of the founders of the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) that was created at the 1994 GIC.

Mobile: +46-(0)70-218 48 38

Marika Grankvist

Marika is a certified Conscious Connected Breathwork Practitioner, Hatha Yoga teacher and coach. For more than twenty years, Marika has inquired into the benefits and transformational powers of yoga, and later Breathwork. In her work with individual clients and groups, she combines Breathwork, yoga and coaching to support clients to find inner peace and well-being. Her passion for Breathwork comes from a life-long interest in movement and self-discovery. Marika also draws on a successful career in event planning and management.

Mobile: +46--(0)73-654 80 53

Igor Dzeba

Igor is a certified Breathworker, gong master, body worker, and facilitator for personal transformation. He has spent many years inquiring into Breathwork, movement and sound, which has led him to create his own program for personal development - Life Path Integration. In his work with leadership coaching, he also draws on a substantial career in business management, with a Master’s degree in management of technology and business administration. Igor offers active and still meditations, individual coaching and workshops and also works with youth.

Mobile: +46--(0)70-670 40 41