Conference Fee

We offer one week and day passes - day passes will be dropped earliest in April. To secure your place at the conference, you must pay the GIC fee and the fee for board and accommodation in full. For booking, please fill out our booking form by clicking the "Book Now" button at the end of this page. After submitting your booking form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and an invoice with payment details. (The GIC 2021 organization has chosen to accept payment via bank transfer as this is the most affordable option available for conference participants.)

We have decided to facilitate family participation in the GIC 2021; children up to 12 years accompanied by a parent, free accommodation and conference fee; youth 12-18 years accompanied by a parent, free conference free. We offer child care and activities for children and youth, allowing parents to participate in the GIC program.

Early bird 1 - before 1 January 2020

IBF member: 3430 SEK

Non-IBF member: 3990 SEK


Early bird 2 - before 1 December 2020 - due to COVID-19, Early Bird 2 has been extended

IBF member: 3860 SEK

Non-IBF member: 4390 SEK


Full price as of 2 December 2020

IBF member: 4290 SEK

Non-IBF member: 4990 SEK

*Prices include VAT.


We welcome those of you who are not yet members to join the IBF. Enrollment information and membership benefits are listed on

Accommodation Cost

The facilities provide a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

You have the choice to stay in a single, double or triple room, or in dormitories with 4-12 beds, depending on your needs. Please note that all our single and double rooms have booked out.

We offer children up to 12 years, accompanied by a parent, free accommodation and food for the entire conference.


Prices per person include full board, accommodation and VAT:

1 person room, private WC, shared shower        9010 SEK

2 person room, private bathroom                      7896 SEK

3 person room, private bathroom                      7360 SEK

4 person room, shared bathroom                       6160 SEK

6 person room, shared bathroom                       5712 SEK

8 person room, shared bathroom                       5376 SEK

10-12 person room, shared bathroom                 5090 SEK

*A bathroom includes both WC and shower

Booking and Cancellation Policy 

When you fill out the registration form, you will automatically be added to our contact list to receive up-dates about the conference.

We will use the information generated from this form for your GIC 2021 invoice. If you would like us to address the invoice to a different recipient/company/address, please specify your request at the end of the form.​ We process personal information according to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

When you submit your booking request for the GIC 2021, you agree to the following conditions; The GIC 2021conference and accommodation fee is to be paid in full within 10 days of receiving your invoice. We will e-mail your invoice to the e-mail address provided in the first step of this form. The GIC 2021organization will use all due care for the provision of its services and activities provided at the conference. Participants join in activities and use services at the Global Inspiration Conference at Stiftsgården Rättvik at their own risk. No liability or responsibility is accepted by the Global Inspiration Conference 2021organization for any injury, illness, damage, loss, accident, expense, or any other claim arising from involvement in any activities or provision of any services howsoever suffered. 

Updated cancellation policy due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the month of May, GIC 2021 Team together with the venue Stiftsgården Rättvik, have to make a final decision if we will be able to conduct a physical GIC. 31st of May is the last day to cancel our booking of the venue.

  • In case of a cancelled event by the organizer according to the conditions mentioned above, we will provide all registered participants with a full refund, during the month of June. It is however impossible for us to compensate for any fluctuation on the currency exchange market. We ask for your understanding in this.

  • If we decide to perform a physical GIC 2021, all your bookings are still valid.  

  • If you make the decision to cancel your booking, our current cancellation policy is valid. This means that you will only be refunded after a deduction of 2000 SEK per person. 

  • Please observe that the final date for cancelling your booking is 15 of June 2021. No refunds will be done after that date.

  • You will still have the opportunity to sell your ticket to someone else. In that case, please contact us to rearrange your booking.

By submitting your booking request at the end of the booking form, you agree to the GIC 2021booking and cancellation policy. We look forward to seeing you at the GIC 2021! 

 Clarifications regarding the cancellation policy 

The GIC 2021 Team Sweden, have received some feedback regarding the cancellation policy. We find it is necessary to clarify and explain the situation, including the relationship to IBF.




IBF is a non-profit organization who gives the privilege to arrange a GIC to an organizer or team. The organizer/team will use an association or company, depending on corporate laws in the present country. To be able to organize GIC in Sweden the organizers found that the only way to legally do this was to create a company.


The economy of IBF is largely built on income from the GIC:s. The deal between the organizing company/association and IBF is that the parties share an expected surplus. If there is a loss, the organizer takes all of it.


The Swedish GIC 2021 organizers have committed to perform a GIC for our Breathwork community and to be 100% responsible for any loss, and to handle all incomes responsibly and transparently.

The feedback


We have received some feedback concerning our cancellation policy, commenting that it should be different. We have for instance received ideas that we are a non-profit organization and should not think about money.


It seems to be a misunderstanding and confusion since IBF is the non-profit organization and GIC 2021 is a company with the task to make a successful event in all aspects, even financially. Even if we have organized us in form of a company, we have been working voluntarily with the event since 2017.


Since our main commitment is to perform a spirited GIC we felt compelled to take decisions that were not driven by money. 


Let us give some examples:

  • When the dreadful Pandemic hit us last year the most favorable for us economically would have been to claim Force Majeure, dissolve our company and nobody would have got any money back. Many businesses have done so. We have not.

  • When the venue raised their price because of price index we decided to keep 2019 years price levels and take that percentage loss on us.


  • After three years of intense voluntary work and planning we have not earned anything and if GIC will not happen, it will mean a huge loss for us since all costs at stake so far have been covered by our joint private funds.

Some people are also claiming Force Majeure and are demanding a full refund.

This is a wrong understanding of the concept. As organizers we are the ones that can claim Force Majeure. There is no insurance against Force Majeure. 


We are taking full financial responsibility for the whole situation, and can not do more than we already are doing. We can only regret that this whole situation is happening to all of us.



Actions and decisions due to the pandemic


In the beginning of 2020, the pandemic was a fact. We decided to keep it up and suggested IBF Executive Team, Integrity Committé and German and Kenyan GIC Organizers to do their GIC a year later. And they have compiled. How the situation has developed, we assume that our German colleagues are happy that they have postponed their GIC to 2022.


Many people gracefully let their bookings stay after that decision. And no one at that time stated anything but shared will and desire to come to GIC one year later. 



Final decision in May


We have decided that we will go for a final decision in May, and we have presented the two biggest reasons under which we might need to cancel this event,


  • The Corona situation

  • Number of people that truly want to come


If we decide to cancel GIC, everybody will get a FULL refund. This is our true commitment. Bad for the business but good for the soul. 


If you decide to cancel the GIC 2021 yourself, under the terms that GIC 2021 actually is going to happen, our cancellation policy still stands until 15 of June.


We hope that these clarifications will help everybody to see the whole situation. 

It is entirely up to each and every one of you to decide which options is best for you. 


We do want to perform a GIC for those who feel safe with our set up and we do want to send it online from Sweden for those who for any reason chose not to come. 


All the best


Swedish GIC team

Global Inspiration Conference 2021
Welcome to a week of exploring the power of breath! The Global Inspiration Conference (GIC) is a week-long international Breathwork celebration. The conference is a gathering with world-leading Breathwork teachers and lecturers. Join us when the annual conference returns to Sweden after 25 years!