Evening Activities

As part of the GIC 2021 schedule, we offer community activities in the evenings, including music, concerts and dancing. A detailed program will be published leading up to the conference - stay tuned for new introductions below!

Come Dance with Us - Free Dance - The 5 Rhythms

The 5 Rhythms represent an energy wave/cycle like the breathing cycle/wave in Reberthing. Here we do exactly the same thing – but as Free Dance. We start by energizing the body with “flowing movements”, meaning we move our feet to create a flow between left side and right side of the body, allowing all bod yparts to gradually start moving in the individual way. All bodies are different, so allow your body to find your movements here.

Gabrielle Roth called this first Rhythm Flowing. When “Flowing” is there we move to the second Rhythm called “Staccato” indicating that now we allow our bodies to express whatever needs to be expressed, and in your own individual way. I will guide the whole wave with indications of what will be relevant for you, how to express, how to follow your energy a.s.o.  – still it is your body that knows what it needs throughout the wave. The third Rhythm is called Chaos. Now we just surrender to a fast beat in order to reach a high inner energy frequency which unifies all opposites, just like in the “the going through face” in Reberthing, the extasy face when we reach what I call the “Unified field”. So the fast Chaos Rhythm/face moves us into the 4rth Rhythm which Gabrielle called Lyrical. Here we may be in “Bliss”, in Joy, in a state of Love, but not in love with anything particular, just “In Love with Life Now” without knowing anything else. Here we move and dance with this very special high frequency energy to integrate that into our bodies, into all our cells. When it gradually integrates, we come to the last rhythm which Gabrielle called Stillness. It is about Being Now, embodying what is now, who I Am Now – without knowing that intelectually – but my body knows ---.

In this practice you are not to learn particular movements, just to discover what movements your body need to do “now” to be true and which are helpful in “your process” now!

Berit Hague

  Evening Event: Come and Dance with Us – Free Dance – The 5 Rhythms

Berit Hague is a certified teacher of Rebirthing and has worked as a teacher at Wäxthuset`s Breathing Education Training 1992-1998. She did her first Rebirthing workshop in 1985. She is also a certified Teacher in Free Dance – The 5 Rhythms, educated by Gabrielle Roth in the US 2004-2005. Berit is also a certified teacher of Kundalini yoga and has worked as a coach for individuals and groups for 35 years.