FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a GIC during 2021?


Yes, that is our intention and belief!


We are closely following the recommendations from the Swedish government and WHO regarding Covid-19. We will however point out that we will have a GIC as normal as possible. It will be business as usual with all considerations regarding the situation at the time of GIC 2021. We will adjust our course of action depending on the development until the GIC 2021 take place.


When will the final decision be made?

During the month of May, GIC 2021 Team together with the venue Stiftsgården Rättvik, have to make a final decision if we will be able to conduct a physical GIC. 31st of May is the last day to cancel our booking of the venue.


How do you keep up to date with the Covid-19-situation?


We are keeping up to date with the scientific research. We are working hard to understand international guidance about making large group meetings and events like the GIC safe for everyone who attends. 


GIC 2021 organizers have ongoing communication with the IBF Science and Research Advisory Group, who is working for the IBF Executive Team, and with their support create a safe GIC 2021. We and IBF Executive Team will agree on the minimum requirements for the GIC to go ahead safely.



Can I address my opinion regarding the Covid-19 issues?




You are welcome to send us your questions or even better join the GIC 2021 Covid-19 group by sending an email to info@gic2021.com.


Will there be an online-GIC?


There will be IRL live online-transmissions from the actual GIC 2021 in Sweden. The online offerings depend upon the fact that the actual GIC is arranged in Sweden. GIC 2021 TEAM and IBF Online Taskforce are right now working together to realize these transmissions. 



Is it still possible book a room with less people?




It is still possible. We have some single, double and triple rooms available. However, we recommend you to book your bed as soon as possible. 


What is the current cancellation policy?


In case of a cancelled event by the organizer according to the conditions mentioned above, we will provide all registered participants with a full refund. 


However, if you make the decision to cancel your booking, our current cancellation policy is valid. This means that you will only be refunded after a deduction of 2000 SEK per person. 


Since the GIC 2021 in Rättvik is a prerequisite for the online GIC we have no other changes in the current cancellation policy. The only thing we are looking into for the moment is booking and cancellation policy for the online GIC 2021. 


How do I find the timetable from Arlanda Airport (Sky City) to Rättvik C?


There will be direct trains going from Arlanda Airport to Rättvik station. Check out Statens Järnvägars, SJ:s, website, see below.