If you are a citizen of the European Union, be sure to bring your European health certificate in case you would need any medical care. Coming from outside the EU we highly recommend that you invest in a Health Insurance Policy for travelling.

At the moment, (April 15 2021) most international flights will demand a fresh PCR test before you leave your country.

When traveling to GIC we ask you to be careful and use a face mask and keep a good hand hygiene.


Keeping up with travel recommendations

Please observe that there is no quarantine requested from Swedish authorities when entering Sweden. Read the latest Swedish updates at the link below.


At the time of registration, everyone will have to present a negative PCR-test, not older than 48 hours. This will also be required from Swedish citizens. 

To make your traveling extra safe we can 

  • offer to organize a pickup from the train station in Rättvik to the venue for base price (app. 2 km)

  • organize a pickup from Arlanda Airport to the venue in Rättvik on Sunday for base price (app. 3,5 hours ride) – depending on the number of signed up travelers


You may need another fresh PCR test before going home or to make some days in quarantine on arrival to your home country. Those rules will be different for each country, so it's important that you keep yourself updated. 


Traveling within Sweden

If you plan to take the opportunity to visit more of Sweden while you are here, we will ask you to do this after GIC.