Key Note Speakers

Below we introduce key note speakers and other teacher who will be offering their work at the GIC 2021. Stay tuned for new introductions!

Petri Berndtson, PhD

  Lecture theme: “Who Is the Explorer of Consciousness?”

- The relation between consciousness and breathing on a spiritual journey.

Petri is a philosopher of breathing. He is the inventor of Philosophical Breathwork, combining the living experience of breathing with philosophy.


The foundations of this form of Breathwork were laid in Petri's PhD Thesis titled "Phenomenological Ontology of Breathing" (University of Jyväskylä, Finland). In this philosophical work he develops a new way to understand breathing as well as a new concept named the respiratory consciousness. Petri's philosophy of breathing is bold and innovative.


Since 2006 Petri has given lectures and workshops on philosophy of breathing at numerous academic and non-academic conferences.

Sergey Vsekhsvyatskiy PhD

Lecture theme: “Merging Myth and Science into a Map of Consciousness” - How having a proper map contributes to refining of Breathwork approaches and techniques


- started practiced breathwork in 1987.

- trained in original Rebirthing, Vivation, Sondra Ray’s LRT and Holotropic Breathwork.

- created the Free Breathing approach and technique already in 1990 in the former Soviet Union.

- has led professional Breathwork trainings in Russia since 1991, in Bulgaria 2008-2010 and was a co-trainer in Austria 1993-2002.


In 1994, Sergey was one of the co-founders of IBF.

Tilke Platteel-Deur

  Lecture theme: “Consciousness as Our Daily Bread”

- Importance and benefits of thoroughly integrating our biography

Since 1979, Tilke has been practicing and teaching Breathwork and the dynamics of relationships in Holland, Germany, France and Spain. With a long-standing experience in individual and group work, she is now a renowned Breathwork therapist, coach, supervisor and trainer. Integrating spirituality into everyday life has always been her great interest.


Tilke co-founded and co-lead the Institute for Integrative Breathwork Therapy and has served as vice president and president of the International Breathwork Foundation. She is currently one of the Board of Directors of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance.

For more information about Tilke and her work, please visit:

Bo Wahlström

     Lecture theme: “Mapping and Describing Consciousness”

  - What are our possibilities of creating a useful cartography

                              of Consciousness?

Bo has been a practitioner and teacher of Breathwork since 1979 and has successfully run the Swedish Breathwork Training since he co-created it in 1986. As a seminar leader, lecturer, guest trainer and corporate consultant, he has worked all over Europe and other continents. He has become known for his broad knowledge and sense of humour.


In 1994, he co-created the first Global Inspiration Conference and the International Breathwork Foundation. He also took the first initiatives to an IBF-constitution and served in the first Integrity Committee.

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