Presenting a Workshop at the GIC 2021

The Global Inspiration Conference is a co-created event where you as a participating Breathworker can contribute with a workshop during the conference. You can decide to become a workshop facilitator at any time before or during the conference. You can find out more on how to sign up below.


During the week long GIC 2021 event, there will be many opportunities to present a workshop. You can for example facilitate a workshop on your own or together with a colleague that you meet at the conference. Workshops will be offered on the schedule twice a day with several workshops held simultaneously. During the morning assembly, that takes place every morning of GIC 2021, you have the opportunity to introduce a workshop that you have previously signed up to present. You will be invited to pitch your workshop in a two-minute presentation to the whole gathering. We ask that you be prepared as you have no more than two minutes to present! A vote of hands will determine expected numbers of participants attending each workshop and workshop spaces will be assigned accordingly.

Inspiring the Global Breathwork Community

If you already know that you will attend the GIC 2021 and have a workshop you would like to offer, we invite you to e-mail the answers to the questions below to Please note that the day and time for your workshop will be decided at the conference. If we have announced your workshop on our website beforehand, you will have the benefit of giving your presentation first at our chosen day. But because of the dynamics of the GIC, your workshop will of course be subjected to the same procedure of voting as all other workshops presented of the given day. If we have your information beforehand, we will present your workshop on this website and introduce you on our social media platforms to the online Breathwork community worldwide.

How to Sign-up to Present Your Workshop

If you wish to present a workshop at the GIC 2021, please send an e-mail to including:


  • Your full name and title (Breathwork school).

  • Title of your workshop.

  • Length of your workshop (we will do our best to accommodate your request, but length might be adjusted due to scheduling).

  • Include a 100-300 word synopsis about your workshop and yourself.

  • Send a profile photo of you that we can use on our website. You might also want to send additional photo of you giving a workshop or out in nature for us to use on Facebook when we introduce you to the online Breathwork community (optional).


Please make sure to complete the booking and payment for your GIC 2021 participation before you send us the information about your workshop.

        We look forward to learning about your work!